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Diagnosis: Congenital heart disease, ischemic heart disease

Yaroslava's body is like a house of cards: one disease leads to another, and at some point you realize that everything collapses. But Yaroslava has a chance to return to a full life if you and I help her

I do not know how to write about myself. Everything was like everyone else - she studied, worked, lived ...

Yaroslava's letter is very short, literally a couple of paragraphs. But there is so much hope in him, so much faith in a miracle, read in every word!

In addition to a heart defect - which only showed up in adulthood! - Yaroslava also has bronchial asthma, and a number of related ailments. Yaroslava cannot work: he quickly gets tired, shortness of breath appears, weakness. The most offensive thing is to live with the knowledge that the heart can be returned to its normal rhythm, all that is needed is an operation to install an occluder. But this “only” is too heavy for Yaroslava. The operation itself is free, but you need to buy the occluder yourself. A quarter of a million rubles is too much for an unemployed woman with a disability.

I haven’t done my best picture yet, I haven’t taken the best photo yet, I have not written a book! I haven't done so many things yet! I have to live, I have to. Help me please…

We can help Yaroslava return to normal life. To a life in which she can breathe normally, and her heart will beat fully and evenly, without interruptions and tremors.

This collection is an amazing refutation of the popular expression "You can't buy health."

This is the very case when you and I can buy Yaroslava's health. Let's do it - we can give her health!